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The Bizexpo at the Hilton in Manchester was fun »

june 2015 449I went to the Bizexpo at the Manchester city centre Hilton on the 9th June.

There were a large number of businesses exhibiting and there was a buzz around the different booths. I went out of interest and to meet up with a friend. As it turned out I met quite a few interesting people and although the last part of my visit involved sitting in a comfy chair I still managed to talk to lots of people.

I didn’t partake in the speed networking as I’m not sure it’s very helpful for building any sort of relationship. Having said that I know networking experts who believe that speed networking can be a good start to a relationship!

At The Hilton

The Hilton hotel has been the venue for this event for several years and seems to work well.

Real Radio XS

One of the interesting things this time was the presence of a Radio station (Real Radio XS). Interesting because they play Classic Rock, my era! And also interesting because their advertising packages seem pretty reasonable. Obviously at the moment I don’t know their demographic or listening numbers. However, they had a good sales crew there and what they said was pretty attractive.

The Interview

I also was intrigued to find a production team from Label 1 that put programmes on ITV there too. Their remit is “The Interview”. They want to find local (Greater Manchester) employers who are recruiting and who are willing to have the interview lead-up, interview and presumably post interview recorded. As a passionate recruiter of IT and superstar sales people I can’t wait to see the programme. Mind you the little tricks employers use to sort the wheat from the chaff will be exposed!

Is Morrison’s Heading for a Takeover? »

P1000078I read an interesting article from Drayton Bird about Morrison’s mistaken marketing strategy.

It ties in with my own thoughts on Morrison’s.

I don’t know whether it’s universal, but I’ve noticed that businesses that are about to be sold/taken over/go bust stop maintaining their premises as well as they used to.

So I began to wonder about Morrison’s when I noticed the huge set of wooden yard doors at their store in Heywood. The doors had previously been painted but the paint was flaking really badly and looked as though they hadn’t been looked after for several years. In my book that means that another supermarket will take them over in the next few years.

And they are now chasing lower prices, which they can never win. Aldi and Lidl have that one sewn up at the moment and have been very successful with it. One reason they’re winning is by having less staff than other supermarkets, including Morrison’s.

So Morrison’s will be making much less profit than previously and will shareholders like that? Is the writing on the wall? I think so.

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