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Is your USP picked to grow your business too?

phone boxesFirstly many businesses do what everyone else in their industry does. So they tend to get a “share” of the same results.

And they look the same to their customers too!

And the reason for doing the same is that the risk to your money is less. After all if everyone in your industry is doing it, it must work!

The problem is one for the customer as they then have to decide who to select if you all do the same things for customers. Do they select on price? Or perceived quality? Maybe on geographical location?

If you’ve had a brush with any type of marketing you’ll know you need a USP. Often known as a Unique Selling Proposition.

So what’s yours? Remember that everyone is your industry is trying to create their own USP and the people who don’t really understand the concept use USPs like these:

  • We have the best quality
  • We have the best value for money
  • We are the most dependable
  • We are the cheapest
  • We are the fastest

The problem with all these USPs is that often you’ll find others claiming the same Unique Selling Proposition! Which of course negates it’s uniqueness.

Although if you look at the USPs I’ve noted they’re often meaningless. The first one says the best quality, what does that mean? The best quality for the customer, for the product, versus competing products?

Another “USP” says the most dependable. Shouldn’t the customer expect that whatever they buy dependably does what they bought it for?

As to “we’re the cheapest”, that’s a very rocky road. Being the cheapest when you’re not the biggest invites a price war with your competitors and means your profit margins will be slim to nil. Certainly a recipe for disaster. Especially if the bigger player decides to cut prices below your cost price!

So remember don’t follow the herd with your unique selling proposition, instead seriously search for the things that really make you unique and will help your customers differentiate you from everyone else in your market place.

A Unique Strategic Position

More than that. Think about replacing Unique Selling proposition, which is all about selling to the customer, with a Unique Strategic Position which is all about deciding how you want to be perceived before, during and after a sale.

A unique strategic position allows you to decide how you want the customer to see you in your busy market place. How they will interact with you and how you believe they will best be served in continuing to do business with you.

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